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Low Carb Holiday Recipes Your Thyroid Will Thank You For

Looking for low carb holiday recipes so you too can enjoy the holiday food without feeling guilty going off the keto wagon? They are thyroid friendly too.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Keto Bulletproof Coffee Recipe - What is Bulletproof Coffee Anyway?

A good keto bulletproof coffee recipe is crucial for us coffee lovers who need to restrict our carbs but still want that morning caffeine fix.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Keto Protein Shake Form Foundation For Next Purium Transformation

For the last couple of months I have been shifting my focus from a carb based diet to one that restricts carbohydrates. Because of that I haven’t been using the Power shake product. Several months ago I discovered that I had become insulin resistant. Insulin is the hormone that makes us fat. It also accounts for the diabetes epidemic plaguing most of the civilized world that eats the Western Diet.

I have chosen to cut my carbohydrate intake down drastically (under 20 grams/day) and increase my fat consumption while maintaining a moderate protein consumption. Though I choose to eat meat, this type of lifestyle can be achieved with a plant based diet also. Purium’s keto protein shake forms the foundation for this transformation.

Basics of A Keto Diet

When it comes to understanding the basics of a keto diet I’ll keep it simple. You want to train your body to burn fat for fuel instead of glucose. Glucose is the building blocks that all forms of sugar are broken into. Some carbohydrates are good for you. They have nutrients. However there are no essential carbohydrates required for human life! So long as you have access to protein and fat your body will make everything it needs to function properly.

One of the most helpful things I did was to join Lazy Keto Girl’s Facebook group. So much helpful information there and on her website. Feel free to join us!

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How LCHF Works

If you keep your macros in the 50g of carb of less a day, eat a moderate amount of protein and eat a larger amount of fat each day your body will start to burn fat instead of sugar. Every time you eat carbs or protein you stimulate an insulin response in your body. Do this enough times a day and your body will start to become insulin resistant. Think of that time when someone kept yelling at you to do something. Pretty soon  you just ignore it.

Well that is what happens with our cells. Insulin’s job is to clear the glucose out of our blood stream. As we become more insulin resistant we start to have an increased level of blood glucose. This is pre diabetes! And this is where I found myself a short time ago. While protein and carbohydrates will stimulate an insulin response, fat will not!

Benefits of the Keto Diet

Some of the most beneficial benefits of the Keto diet include weight loss and insulin regulation. Not too mention people get off of blood pressure medications. While the American Diabetic Association likes to encourage the behavior that led to the acquisition of diabetes, a keto diet has been shown to reverse it. Better sleep and mental clarity also belong on list.

On a personal note, my fasting glucose levels have gone from the 120 range to under 80 after just a couple months of eating under 20 grams of carbs per day. I haven’t been hungry or felt like I was denying myself anything! Which is a win in my book and makes this a lifestyle change that I can live with.

How To Do The Keto Diet With Purium

As I stated at the beginning of this article I wasn’t using the Power Shake because it has way too many carb without enough fiber. Fiber grams get subtracted from the total carbohydrate grams to give you a net carbohydrate total.

For me personally, my macro goals are to keep my carbs under 20g per day. To eat a moderate amount of protein, which for me, works out to about 15 grams per day. The balance is fat! I can hear you. “Don’t you know that will clog your arteries and make you fat!” Well research proves that sugar makes us fat, not fat. Fat is good. It doesn’t stimulate an insulin response. It also fills us up, making us fuller longer.

What is my Typical Day on the Keto Diet like?

For breakfast I have a cup or two of bulletproof coffee. Bulletproof coffee consists of quality coffee, a tablespoon of grass fed butter and a Tablespoon of MCT oil. Blend this in a magic bullet or blender. Blending is important to get the molecules all emulsified. My next meal is around 11:00ish. Most days I go to the gym in the morning and do yoga.


Around 10:00 I take 4 or 5 super amino tablets. Around 11:00ish I drink my keto protein shake, also known as the MVP Sport. I like the vanilla. To the one scoop of powder, I add, 1 tbs hemp or flax seed oil, one cup almond milk (unsweetened, no carbs) and a teaspoon of ginseng. A couple pieces of cheese round out the meal.

bulletproof coffee - what is the secret & how does one make it so it works effectively?

Then around 5:00ish I have dinner. Dinner is usually salad, protein and some fat. Okay, so a lot of fat. After dinner I do not eat again until 11:00ish the next day.

This has been working well for me. For the last couple months I wasn’t using the keto protein shake but had a salad with lots of fat for lunch. The result has been the loss of 15 pounds. Today is my first day with Purium’s keto protein shake and this new regime. I measured all my stats. My plan is to lose an additional 25 pounds by the beginning of the new year.

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Keto Friendly Protein Shake Powder

The keto friendly protein powder we prefer around here is Puriums MVP Sport. The MVP stands for maximum vegan protein. The shake is primarily made of pea protein. A clean and non gmo source of protein. I only use one scoop, because believe it or not, protein will synthesize into glucose in an absences of carbohydrates. Thus the explanation for why taking in carbohydrates is totally unnecessary for life.

MVP Sport comes in two flavors; vanilla and chocolate. I prefer the vanilla because to it I can add cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. Also fun is to throw in a couple ice cubes and blend it up in your blender or magic bullet.

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Antique Nautical Sextant Drawing from 1944 Patent Registration - Sextant Images Patent Line Drawing US Patent Number 2338325

Beautiful reproduction sextant drawings taken from the original patent 2338325 issued in 1944. Available in 4 background choices, pristine white, antique chart paper, grey linen or deep ocean blue, these unique antique nautical sextant drawings will be the highlight of any office or den. They make great gifts for the nautical enthusiast in your life

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Can Thyroid Problems Cause Sleep Problems? Simple Solution

Wondering can thyroid problems cause sleep problems? Well the short and long answer is YES. Let me show you the easy way to fix this problem.

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Low Carb High Fat Diet Plan - No Gallbladder & Thyroid Issues

Here is the low carb high fat diet plan I use even without a gallbladder & thyroid issues to lose 12 pounds in 6 weeks & the supplements that you need.

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Perfect Cauliflower Pizza Crust Makes The Best Dang Keto Friendly Pizza

Looking for the perfect cauliflower pizza crust? Look no further. There is a secret to perfect outcomes every time that I reveal here.