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Diana Stone - Losing Babies Pray For Us

Diana Stone posted that plea on Friday the 27th of April over twitter when she found out that there was a leak in t ...

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Mothers Day Gift Ideas For Mom

Mothers Day Gift Ideas For Mom 
Classic and unusual gift ideas for your mom for Mother's Day

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Change, How bad to you want it? | Davenjilli

Change happens when the pain of holding on is greater than the fear of letting go ~ Jonathan Spencer

from a post on FaceBook
This reminds me of a story I read many years ago called the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. The first pages of the book are printed in handwriting rather than in typeset and tell the story of a rock creature that lives in a stream.  This creature really wants to know what is beyond the curve in the river that is as far as they can see while they cling to the rock. All of his “friends” tell him to hang on, but one day he lets go…you really need to read this book to see what happens to the rock creature.
Though I place my faith in Jesus Christ for salvation, this book has had a huge impact on my life and my character. It was years before I was “saved” when I first stumbled upon Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Richard Bach. Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, the Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, opened up my horizons allowing me to believe so that I could see. From a Biblical perspective there is a verse that says As a man thinks in his heart so shall he go. I think these are the same. Faith is confidence in an outcome based on belief, not necessarily physical facts as the majority perceive them.  Otherwise how can you account for miracles?
I think the first step for change to occur in your life lies in your head. What you think about, dream about, create out of nothing.  The book The Secret draws on these principles. We are not God, nor are we gods, but we are the product of God who is able to create something from nothing. I believe we are able to do that too. Religion teaches us to obey to be saved, where as Jesus taught us to let go and trust Him. Look at the time when Peter was worried they weren’t going to have money to pay the temple tax…Jesus told him to go look in the mouth of a fish. Or the feeding of the 5000 from a couple fish and 5 loaves of bread.
Change happens when you quit trying to change and start living the life that change will create. Do you dream of being so wealthy that you can give generously? Give generously and you will be that wealthy. Don’t look at change as something that happens in the future, change, once it has happened in your mind has happened, it might not have manifested quite yet, but it is on its way.
I believe that prayers are powerful and I believe that as a child of the most high God, I am a princess totally blessed, and my life bears that out.  Have you accepted the gift of salvation Jesus has made available to you? The only thing that matters is what you think of Him, not how you behave. It really is as simple as asking Him into your life. He does know you already, they way you are is not a surprise to Him. He created you that way. Accepting the Real Messiah’s gift is the greatest more life changing change that you will ever experience.
The question does come do to; change, do you want it? or do you need it?
Change, Do You Want It Or Do You Need It | Davenjilli

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Chicken Tractors - Two Really Cool Homemade Chicken Tractors

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Pregnant Man - Are They Really The Stronger Sex?

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Scott and Jodi Ferris - An Update

For those of you following the Scott and Jodi Ferrisordeal here is a quick update on what is happening...Nick M ...

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Taking The Challenge - Who Can Make $100 First | Davenjilli

Taking The Challenge - Who Can Make $100 First | Davenjilli

Last night I decided to take the challenge online..Russell Brunson, an internet millionaire has a challenge out that he can help you make $100 on line in 30 days or you can take what you have learned, cancel your account and it will have only cost you $1.00. That’s right just one dollar.

Taking The Challenge

The system is simple. In just four days you should be making money online. It isn’t a gimmick it is a training ground.  What I am learning in the challenge is how to get traffic to a webpage and then from there generate a list.  I didn’t have to know how to make a squeeze page, or a landing page or ANYTHING!  Just have to show up every day for 30 days, listen to the lesson and do the home work.

I shared this challenge with a friend and she has joined. It got me to thinking that you might want to check it out too.  The thing is what have you got to lose?

Though there is a way that you can spend some money with this system, there are ways that are totally free that you can make it work for you too. Even if you do the totally free stuff you will only spend about an hour a day at it.

Once I make my first sale through the system (not a referral that I got from friends) even if  one of you all decides to join, I will put on make up (this is a very big deal for me – she says smiling) so I won’t scare you and make a video so you can see my excitement in almost real life.
Russell says,  “Just give me 30 days, and I’ll mold you into our next success story.”

Check it out here:  Take the Challenge

Why would he do something like this?  Well check out his company mission, and it might start making sense:
1st – to help 100,000 people to make their first $100 online
2nd – to help 10,000 people to FINALLY fire their boss
3rd – to help 1,000 people make 6 figures a year
4th – to help 100 people become online millionaires
I know those goals seem kinda big… but so far they are making great progress.
He wants to coach you this month, and get you to the $100 level… on his dime!

Get started here: Taking the Challenge

Brunson also believes heartily in giving back to charity.  For every 1000 people who join, the organization grants one wish at the make a wish foundation. I forget the other marker for building schools in Kenya, but they have already built one and are planning to go back this summer to build another. He has made an offer to take one person from the group with him – Could be you!

So join the challenge with me over here at Taking the Challenge Once you sign up leave a comment below so we can encourage and help each other as we take the challenge!

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Breastfeeding - 911 For New Moms

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Alicia Silverstone Premastication - Gross or Groovy?

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Nesting For Baby The Mad Dash Before Baby Comes

Nesting for baby is the feeling we all get a few weeks before our bodies need to focus on the coming labor and deli ...

Writing Content For Profit On Your Blog | Davenjilli

Writing Content For Profit On Your Blog | Davenjilli

writing contentWriting content is the number one way to make money online. No matter which plan you wish to implement, you will have to write content at some point. There are several ways you can go about writing content. You can curate. Curating is a way of aggregating material to your website to help you readers find all of the information they are looking for, on one specific subject, in one place.

Profitable Ways of Writing Content For Your Online Blog

You can write original content, solely. That would mean that everything you post is something that you have researched and written about. This perhaps, the most difficult way of writing content, but it can be done. It is a method that works particularly well if you are very knowledgeable in the field you are blogging about.

Hiring writers is another method for getting original content. You can find ghost writers and guest bloggers online line. A unique idea I can across the other day was to approach your friends that like to write, or who are articulate and offer them money to write 300-500 words articles for you. This is a win situation in that it can help your friends out and you get original content without having to write it yourself.

The best solution is a combination of all of the suggestions above, though you can just focus on one method or another primarily.

Remember that you need to address your readers from your unique position and anything that you add to your blog should be tailored to meet that goal. You need to shape what you are going to write about and address it to your intended reader. Problem solving is the ultimate goal of any one who is writing content online.

For more tips on writing content for profit sign up for our Profitable Writing System where you will receive seven lessons designed to help you make your online content writing profitable.

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Stylish Flats Never Torture Your Feet Again

Stylish Flats

Stylish Flats Never Torture Your Feet Again

Stylish flats are the perfect solution to almost any business and even formal situation you may find yourself needing to dress for. Stylish flats are a great way to flatter your legs and feet without putting stress on your feet and spine. After wearing high heels for many years the damage that is incurred to your leg muscles and the arch of your foot is unbelievable. Stick to stylish flats for everyday life and save your high heel wonders for that very special occasion where
you will be mostly sitting, or better yet use them as decorating items in your house. Some of them are just amazing works of art that would jazz up any room.