Friday, December 28, 2012

Mining Diamonds in the New Year

diamondsThe name diamond comes from a word that means “unbreakable” in ancient Greek.
Diamonds are formed in dark energy, also known as coal, under massive pressure. They are the strongest natural substance known to man. Diamonds are also the currency of the ubber wealthy. (What? You thought they traded in paper money like the rest of us mere mortals?)

My goal for the new year 2013 is to mine five hundred diamonds. No, not the gems pulled out of the ground; people!

When asked about how he was able to carve such a beautiful statue, speaking of the statue of David, Michelangelo said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

Everyone has gone through something in life. Life has a way of enfolding us in dark energy and applying pressure until we either break free or die a slow and painful death, defeated. I want to help others break free. Let their brilliance shine and make the difference in the world they were designed to make.

Next year, at this time I will be featuring some of the most brilliant diamonds that I find. Not based on how much money they are making, but based on how much different their lives have become because they chose to break free and be the difference they were seeking. I can hardly wait to meet you all!

MLM (multi level marketing) has often been described as personal development with an income opportunity attached. Personal development is just another way of saying, breaking out of the dark energy that enfolds you and soar to the heights you were intended for. Empower Network is like MLM in that all of the tools to chip away at the marble to free the diamond that is you, are present the question is will you pick them up and use them or will you just continue to live enveloped in defeat?

The first step is to watch this video and then join. You can start chipping slowly to reveal that diamond, or you can get out the power tools and go fast, it’s up to you. Just remember…

The magic happens when you take action,

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